Our Vision

Dubbing Department
In the last few years, the new dubbing phenomenon of drama and cinema and documentary films to Arabic or the spoken colloquial Syrian dialect has been apparent.
It has been widely approved by spectators in the Arab World, which helped them to get acquainted with the civilizations of other communities.
This has been our starting point, with an emblem of proficiency, high quality and industry to provide new and distinct dubbed TV works.

Television And Cinema Production Department:
Our company is working on producing television and cinema works as well as TV Programs according to the high-quality global specifications and with due care to the steps and stages till the final production of the work in several languages to address all the spectators in the Arab World and North Africa, according to a firm strategy and vision, with due care to the minute details. We produce unique works that would be convenient for the Arab media, and then for the Arab-speaking media as a further step.
Thus, we are trying to establish connections and partnership with distinct entities according to precise criteria in shape and content, aiming at being globally categorized. Therefore, ALMA is currently working on production of varied social, comedy, historical and police works.

Television Program Production Department

Under Spotlight Program:
A program that establishes strong connections with the viewer in a way that the channel becomes a platform that enables him to state his own problems and concerns, in order to solve them and offer help and different viewpoints to deal with such problems, or at least to promote a mechanism to solve them, depending on others' experiences.

Good Morning Program:
New selected ideas in relation to content, style and discussion, to make the channel unique in the field.